The Answer To Why The Refs "Hate" Us...

does anyone remember in week 2? when the chargers were playing with the broncos? at the end of the game, it was 31-38, chargers, with about around 30seconds left, and the broncos had the ball at san diegos 10 or 20, with no timeouts.  jay cutler was being chased by a defensive player, when he fumbled the ball. the ref that was on the field, thought it was an incomplete pass, and blew the whistle. he thought it was an incomplete pass because cutlers arm went forward, but of course, the ball went backward.  and even though the broncos fumbled, they still got another chance to score. then its fourth down, the broncos throw it to eddie royal, and score. now its 37-38. then the broncos go for 2.(obviously they hate the chargers, my brother is a bronco fan, and he says that he'll take a season sweep over the chargers than the super-bowl anyday)the broncos run the exact same play, but reversed. they throw it to royal, and win the game.  Now the refs dont "hate" any team, they just love the chargers because they made a call that cost them the game

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