My Two Cents…

Where has the rhythm that was displayed yesterday between Santonio and Ben been all year?  Those two really looked like they were reading from the same sheet of music yesterday.  Perhaps the fact that Ben practiced all week and the two of them also got increased reps really paid big dividends.  I think it probably showed us how important it is for Ben to get a full practice week.  Or perhaps maybe Santonio put down the blunts and has started focusing on football again, who knows?


I can’t be alone of this one anymore; a few weeks ago I mentioned in a fanpost the issue of high snaps whenever we go into shotgun formation.  I know I am not crazy as I had about 10 people watching the game with me and they all agreed.  While I think Hartwig has been a major improvement at the center position he needs to work on his shotgun snap.  Ben constantly has to reach or jump to get the snap in the shotgun formation. While it usually only creates a millisecond of time lost, it seems to me that the last thing Ben needs is less time to be able to get rid of the ball.


Ben deserves a lot of credit for a gutsy and mistake free day, but I still think he is shell shocked, and not playing as well as we will need him to play if we are actually going to make a run at things.


How well has Matt Spaeth been in relief of Heath Miller?  While he has rarely been able to get yards after the catch, he has dropped very few balls in the past two games and has made quite a few clutch plays.  When we get a healthy Miller back could we please start using him in the game plan like we use Spaeth?


I don’t know about you, but Willie Parker looked healthy as could be yesterday and he really ran with force and power.  Very Impressive.


We definitely have a lot of work to do on the offensive side of the ball, but after watching the Ravens defense get run over by the Giants I think that our defense can keep us in ANY game, and if our offense can start to keep pace we could be a dangerous team come December.

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