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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You...

In this instance, what you can do for your country is quite simple. I just received the following email from TheMostViolentTeam whom many of you know just started Officer Training for the US Navy Seals. He's a great football mind, as good and loyal a fan as they come, and generally just a fun dude around my age that I am proud to have met through the site. All you have to do is add a line or two in response to his inquiries, which I will cut and paste into an email to send back to him.

Let's get it done Steelers Nation!


What's up man.  First chance I had to write e-mail since I've been here, we aren't allowed on our personal e-mail either yet.  Saw the Steelers finished out that foursome of games 2-2, I was surprised we lost to the Colts, but I don't know anything other than if we've won or lost games, if you could fill me into some of what's been going on and how we are looking for the rest of the season that would be great, I did see on an ESPN ticker when I snuck a glance at a TV in chow hall that Dan & Art bought out the team; great news!  

There's a guy from Pittsburgh in my class so we're always trying to find out what's going on, little stuff like that is at a premium in this place, so anything you can do would be awesome.  This place isn't bad at all really (if you wanna pass onto the forum that I'm doing well, go for it), they control everything and it's annoying, but nothing like how the Navy will be.  Can't wait to get to BUD/s and SEAL training to kick ass and take names.  That's all I got for now, don't have alot of time.  Hope all is well with you, any interesting new developments for you?  Any book deals yet?  Hopefully you're kicking ass in law school.

- Dirty Dawg ____(Name Rescinded) (TMVT on BTSC)


Other than the fact that he butchered me being in law school - I decided AGAINST that, lol - this is a special email to me that I hope some of you will take a moment to respond to. Be it with a nugget about the team or a well wish to a young cat making a big sacrifice when he could be watching football, chasing girls, and making nice scratch in various professions.