As Usual, My post game thoughts...

Well, I'll start off by congratulating our team on a well-earned victory today.

I'd like to see the Leftwich naysayers now. But on that topic, I gotta say, if playing Leftwich for the next couple games is what it takes to get Roethlisberger back on track, then by all means, do it. Now, I'm not gonna pull a beerman here and say that Ben's no good; he's still a premiere QB. However, he has fallen into some bad habits of hanging on to the football way too long. Whatever happened to the good old days when he would roll out of the pocket? Has Arians prevented him from doing that anymore? But anyway, Ben needs to take a leaf out of Byron's book; stay calm in the pocket but at the same time get rid of the ball quickly.

On to the Defense. He kicked ass. pass rush, run D, pass coverage, you name it we did it, with flying colors I might add. Whatever the Skins put up we knocked down. Farrior (was the free agent pickup of the week for me in fantasy football; I only won because of him) had a monster game, as did Woodley (ripped apart Campbell) and Harrison. I also liked what Timmons turned in at the end there. That sack was great and I can't wait to see more of him.

Major props are in order for new long snapper, Jared Retkofsky, who took all the bs that he had to deal with on the ST line, and did a hell of a job snapping the ball backed up on his own endzone, not to mention the rest of the game.

The only negatives that occured to me were injuries: Ben, Heath, Big Snack was a little gimpy.I'd also like to see Sweed utilized a little more, now that they're actually running him in formations.

But otherwise, great game against a very good team, and I look forward to our battle with the Colts next week.


P.S. Go Obama.

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