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Next Two Weeks Should Be Revealing for Steelers


San Diego.

Those are our next two opponents, and both games will be contested at Heinz Field. Even though both Indy and SD are underperforming through the first 8 games of the season, I don't think any rational football fan has written them off in this wide-open year in the AFC. I want to gag myself with a bowie knife as I say it, but Peyton Manning is still the 1st or 2nd best QB in the NFL (I might personally take Brees given their respective ages and injury situations), and San Diego still has athletes all over the field.

Win these next two and go to 8-2 and you can all but wrap up a division title and perhaps even a 1st round BYE. At worst, you can count on at least one home game at Heinz Field to start the playoffs.

So after what we saw Monday Night against the Redskins? Are we ready to take down these two perennial heavyweights? Even if they're down a smidge this year? You know they're coming to play. Both of them. Indy's got revenge on their mind and San Diego just had a week to heal up. I'm fine with a split, but two wins here (+1 against Cincy the following week, duh), and we're all of a sudden 9-2 and in the position to strategically rest some players down the stretch if need be.

This is why we watch the games and follow the team so devotedly 24/7/365. Games like the next two we've got coming up.

Thoughts on what you see shaking out?