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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts Open Thread

You all remembered what happened the last time these two teams got together.


Let's bring some similar magic today against the Colts! My Keys:

1) Get after Manning. This is obvious but if you remember that playoff game from 2005, Joey Porter and the rest of our pass-rushers really harassed Peyton for much of the afternoon.

2) Be patient with the running game! This could be the type of game that gets us back on track in terms of our offensive identity. We should be more like the Titans and less like the Cardinals and today would be a great time to make that concerted effort.

3) Take advantage of turnover opportunities. Peyton won't make many mistakes if any. We better cash in on them if we get a shot.

4) Who plays QB? We'll just have to wait and see.

5) Make them beat us deep! I really really don't want to see them get in a rhythm in the short passing game. I don't think they're nearly as dangerous stretching the field as they were in year's past, so let's not just give them the underneath stuff for free.