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Steelers Improve Road Mark To 5-1 With Resounding Victory Over New England

I'm a bit late to the party due to a busy schedule the past day, but a couple more thoughts son the Steelers impressive 33-10 victory over New England yesterday.

* One thing I have not seen emphasized or discussed amidst the undeniably sweet euphoria of thrashing New England on the road is the fact that we had issues in the red zone again. On our first trip there, we were faced with a 1st and 10 from the NE 11. Definitely a tough situation in this league, but we failed to punch it in on the goal line and had to settle for a FG from the 3 yard line. Jeff Reed would have two more attempts of 25 yards or fewer. There's not much to find fault in yesterday on either sides of the ball or in the coaching department, but it'd be nice if our redzone offense (goal line in particular) kept pace with the rest of our development on offense.

* We still have not given up a 300 yard game in the __________. What's supposed to be in the blank? The passing game? No, no. We haven't given up a 300 yard game. Period. In fact, we've yet to surrender more than 290 yards in a single game this year. That's just ridiculous. I really hope you're appreciating just how historically amazing this group has been.  And if this defense continues to force turnovers, look out. It's going to be awfully tough to beat us if we continue to get +2 or better in the turnover department.

* It's been discussed, but the offensive line deserves a tip of the cap for their performance yesterday. Gaping running lanes at times, more than adequate pass protection. Limited penalties. Great stuff.

* We have a new leader in the clubhouse! Troy Polamalu is leading the NFL in Interceptions with 6. That's three straight games (all victories) with an INT for P.

* James Harrison is easily the best value in the entire National Football League. He makes just a pittance compared to Joey Porter with better production. I love Peezy, I really do. But ever notice how he has to force the spotlight on him when times are good whereas James Harrison just goes to work reigning terror on opposing offensive lines and quarterbacks? We best lock up Harrison this offseason. Care to imagine what he'd do against our tackles? Me neither. Get it done front office!

* The Pats were 1/13 on 3rd downs. WOW. I don't care who you are, you can't win with that number, even without all the turnovers. Describe it for us Big Ben:

"It was unbelievable," Roethlisberger said. "You just get to the sideline, put your coat on, your hat on, and, all of a sudden, you're ready to go back on the field."

 * Quietly, very quietly, the Steelers have proven they are capable at doing something they weren't able to do last year: win against solid teams on the road. We still travel to Baltimore and to Tennessee, so no time for the team to feel too good about itself. Of the remaining things I still am concerned about with this team though, over confidence and lack of focus is not one of them. I think this game may be just the jolt of confidence needed to convince the group that, yeah, they have what it takes to polish a few more things, get on a roll, and not look back. 

* More soon from me on the offense, as well as a closer look at the sparkling resume of the defense this year.