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Pittsburgh Steelers Are AFC North Champions - Celebration Open Thread

I'm out the door, but once again, the Pittsburgh Steelers found a way to get it done in the end. Ben Roethlisberger leads a 92 yard TD drive - the lone TD of the game - to take their first and only lead of the game with under 1 minute to play. Santonio Holmes, who had a rough day for the most part, delivered when it counted. I said he wasn't done in the open threads during the game, even when he was strugglging. And he wasn't. Shout out to Lawrence Timmons as well. All contributed on defense, but it was Timmons who was the difference maker I felt, proving to me at least, that we've really only seen a tiny glimpse of how amazing this kid is going to be in the future.

Congratulations to Coach Tomlin and the 2008 Pittsbugh Steelers - AFC North Champions.

This is our celebration thread. I'll be back with a full recap and analysis later this evening.