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Roethlisberger Hands Titans 13th Win

Much more from me soon, but too bad we saw the Ben Roethlisberger again that tries to make far too much happen. For the screamers who immediately point at the offensive line, you couldn't be more wrong. At least in the passing game. This was one of their best games of the year in pass protection. Ben had all day to throw. ALL day, for the most part. So much time in fact that he thought it would be wise to double, and sometimes even TRIPLE pump with the ball. The result? 4 fumbles, 2 of which were lost. Including one at the goal line which stripped us of a sure 7 points. The other lost fumble gave Tennessee a cheap 3 points. There's your game basically, but of course it didn't help that one of the fumbles we recovered shot a positive looking offensive drive.

Anyway, the defense finally had one of those days where their opponents were just half a step better and faster than them. That's bound to happen. They still played decently enough to keep the game competitive, but for once, they needed the offense to bail them out a bit. The offense couldn't return the season long favor that the D has provided.

More on this disappointing loss soon. Stay sane please and civil! There were some very apparent positives to this one mired by all the dumb mental mistakes (turnovers and penalties).