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My Top 10 Steelers Wishes for Santa

 Steelers_stocking_medium Steelers_ornament_1_medium   2554_pittsburgh_steelers_gold_snowflake_ornament_medium 

Yes, I sat on Santa's lap, and he allowed me 10 wishes for 2009.  He knew I was a big Steelers fan, so the rule was that I couldn't wish for any specific victories, Super Bowls etc.  That would be too easy.  So, like David Letterman's countback from 10, here are the wishes I gave to Santa (though in no particular order):

10)  Dermontti Dawson, Donnie Shell and Art Rooney Jr. are announced as inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  (I didn't include Rod Woodson since he doesn't need Santa's help.)  Dawson was so good he was underappreciated as an offensive lineman.  Oh how we understand that these days.  Shell deserves to be in, but is not because of how many 1970 Steelers are already in.  He is a victim of association.  Likewise, Art Jr. is not in because of how many Rooneys are already in.  Poppycock.  That man drafted nine Hall of Famers in six years..

9)  James Harrison is named Defensive Player-of-the-Year for not just sacks, but coverage, tackles and leadership skills on a remarkable defense.

8)  The Cleveland Browns proudly announce Larry Zierlein as their new head coach, with a 10-year contract that guarantees he can't be fired.

7)  The new ownership group of the Steelers shows total devotion to Dan and Art II and announces that "Money is no object.  Jerry Jones is chump change."

6)  Blitz gets a little more sleep, and while I'm at it, a little more recognition for being the captain of the best fan web site in existence.  Kudos Blitz.  Try Sominex.

5)  This site continues to grow in popularity, especially with older fans and young kids, as we all understand how necessary respect is, and how unnecessary vulgarity is.

4)  The Steelers land a major free agent offensive line acquisition and follow that up with a first-round selection of an offensive lineman.  No more fourth-round projects.  While we are at it, a couple D-linemen in the pipeline wouldn't hurt either.

3)  Elijah Smith, Aaron's son, learns that his leukemia is completely under control and that his life expentancy is 85.

2)  The NFL announces that Dick LeBeau has been shamefully omitted from the Hall of Fame and by special vote of the Executive Committee, will be inducted in 2010.

1)  Every Steelers fan who reads this has a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a prosperous 2009.

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you.  Thanks for adding a layer of joy to my life as a passionate Steelers fan.