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DaTruth's Take On The #2 Seed Steelers

There may be no fan's take on the roster I respect and enjoy thinking about more than datruth4life's. Particularly when it comes to the offensive line. If nothing else, his presentation and style are always greatly enjoyed by me, even when there's something I disagree about. Thanks to him for finding time in his busy schedule to post this, which can originally be found in a previous comment thread. I feel it belongs here for all to see and discuss. - Blitz-


Blitz, Datruth agree with a lot of what you said. Don’t worry about the haters. Haters are supposed to hate. Now on to a few quick drops of Truth:

— Bruce Arians this, Bruce Arians that. He ain’t the biggest problem with this offense. I hate to burst everybody’s bubble, but this offensive line just isn’t good enough. Point Blank. End of Story. The cat is out of the bag and the Fat Lady can sing. Can’t Run and Can’t Protect? Where you gonna hide and who you gonna call... Ghost Busters?

— What Chris K did yesterday against a rookie — one who had one sack on the season — to allow him to get 3 sacks and 3 forced fumbles is pretty bad. In fact, I think this performance by him will go a lot toward the team not resigning him in the offseason. Willie Colon had a rough day at RT as well. Like Tomlin said, no excuses.

— Time for Kevin Colbert to offer half of his draft this year (9 draft picks) to move up and get the best LT available on picks 11 through 20 (it’d cost too much to move up into the top ten). I’d trade a 1st, 3rd, 4th and a late pick in 2010 to get the best LT available (Michael Oher or Eugene Monroe, anyone?). I’d move Max Starks, if he resigns, to right tackle, Stapleton to left guard and let Colon and Simmons fight it out at RG.

— If Colbert doesn’t want to go that route, then you can sit at where you’ll be (real late 20’s) and take Duke Robinson, G, out of Oklahoma and then take 2 to 3 tackles later and hopes that one of them come through. I’m not for that philosophy. Go get the guy that can protect Ben’s blindside for the next 10 years and draft another tackle with good feet that you can also bring along. Datruth has no idea what rookie LT Tony Hills will bring to the table next year, so as far as future prospects go, get’em in, get’em good or get’em gone.

— Blitz, I don’t agree that this team was due for a letdown or they were just tired. They got beat. Plain and simple. The Titans didn’t turn the ball over, ran when they needed too, and only allowed Kerry Collins to be sacked once. On the other hand, the Steelers had 4 turnovers (could have been about 2 more if not for recovered fumbles), ONCE AGAIN couldn’t run, and gave up 5 sacks. I might put about 2 of those on Ben, but afterwhile, your OL either has to man and play a complete game or be like Mice and say “I like cheese!!!” So far, I think we got a few cheese eaters on this line.

— Man, Kerry Collins did a pretty good imitation of … of …. a QB leading a team that could be the best in the AFC? He was humming that ball yesterday. That TD toss where the receiver turned Ryan Clark inside out was gorgeous. However, the throw that hurt the most was that one after the Harrison sack, the 3rd and 20 throw that he completed on the left sideline. Only a QB that is confident in his arm and his D can make that throw. Hey one relaxing pre-holiday thought for you, how’d you like to see our $100M QB playing behind the Titans’ OL? The NFL wouldn’t know what hit them.

— Did our no. 1 D smell themselves a little too much after B-More? I don’t think so. It is good to be confident. But it is also good if you’re humble enough to know when you get your tail handed to you. When the Titans picked up 2 straight first downs running the ball when the D really needed to stop them and get the ball back, Larry Foote said it best, that it is time for the D to check themselves a little bit. But I’m with you Blitz. Dick LeBeau will have them playing better next time around.

— One other thing the Truth noticed. Run blitzs aren’t as effective against this team than it is others. To be effective against the Titans, and particularly Chris Johnson, everyone needs to play their gap and guard against cutbacks, kind of like a picket fence mentality. With Lendale White, you just smack him as early as you can. Anyone notice Big Snack getting really upset when Foote and Potsie were overrunning the ballcarrier on their run blitzes near the end of the game? They stopped and the D finally got off the field.

— Paging Mr. Woodley, Paging Mr. Woodley. If you hear this message, could you please pick up the phone and your play? DaTruth knows this is your first year starting, and that you might be wearing down late in the season, but this D isn’t the same without you bringing it. Just like the guy conducting the bench press at the NFL combine always say, “Well, if you want to be bear, then be a Grizzly.” This team needs that “Grizzly” that it had been getting earlier in the year on other side of Harrison.

— Did any of you really think a hip was going to keep Deebo off the field? Only if his hips were dislocated from his upper torso. The dude’s a Baller. Miami can keep Joey Porter and his $20M guaranteed. I’d take DEEBO!

— Hey, K. Colbert and the Rooneys, after the last gun sounds this season, here are some deals where you just need to “Get’er Done!”: 1) Bryant McFadden, can’t develop them and then let them go to someonelse when their best years are ahead of them, Pro Bowl potential and best CB on the roster 2) Deebo extension, no explanation 3) Heath Miller extension, no explanation 4) Max Starks, how can this guy play a decent left tackle and not beat out Willie Colon at right tackle? He don’t deserve LT money but I’d give him RT money (whatever RT money is, I don’t know, but he’s at least worth that). Right?

— If I’m Tomlin, I’d sit Ryan Clark and Deebo against the Brown-stains. Everyone else that can go should play. Just stomp’em early and everyone can sit. I’d let Ben play so that he can practice on throwing the ball away, which is what he’s going to have to do a lot in the playoffs if this line doesn’t play better.

— What Tomlin has done to get this team to 11-4 (and probably 12-4 after next week) with this schedule and the injuries is nothing short of spectacular. Let’s hope he can fix this OL next year just like he did the kickoff and punt teams (notice I didn’t say return teams). With this D and Big Ben, this team has a puncher’s chance against anyone in the playoffs.

—If only this OL could get a visit from Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier and let Poitier hypnotize them into thinking they are a championship quality OL like he did Bootney Fonsworth (aka Jimmy Walker) and convincing Fonsworth that he was a champion boxer. Anyone remember that movie, “Let’s Do It Again?” I can see Chris K. and Willie Colon right now saying after being hypnotized saying, “I CAN block somebody. I’m MEAN!!!! I’m INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!! I don’t make the person playing across from me the NFL Defensive Player of the Week EVERY WEEK.” (Alright, it’s okay to laugh now!)

— Happy Holidays all and be blessed. And that’s DaTruth!