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Happy Holidays to Steelers Fans Across the Globe

A quick shout out to the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers around the globe this holiday season, with a particular tip of the cap to members of our armed forces here and abroad. Judging from stories shared here in the past, there are some of you who are getting some precious time home with family and friends this Holiday season.  Enjoy every last minute of it!  

And since we've had this conversation about why the Terrible Towel means so much to so many fans? Well, I'm not going to offer anything too deep, but I will say that we've had people check in to the site from the following countries this evening:

Phillipines, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Austria, Bahamas, Thailand, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Spain, Jamaica, Brazil, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hungary, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, Taiwan, India, and Bulgaria. 

Translation? Following this team isn't some provincial thing. The black and gold, the way the franchise has been family operated, the unique abilities and likeability of some of our former and current stars, and of course, all our success - all these help explain why the Steelers are so ubiquitously loved and followed across our great country and all over the world.

If you are an American abroad for the time being, enjoy your travels and exeperiences around the world and get home safely. If you're merely a football fan outside of the US...awesome! Tell your friends about the great game more generally, and the great franchise that is the Steelers more specifically. Whether or not your culture is celebrating anything in particular anytime soon, a hearty cheers from fellow fans here in the States.

And to the rest of y'all here in the US..have a great Christmas, Hanukah, or even just a great week if you're not really the Holidays type of person! 

As always, feel free to email me at with questions, complaints, requests, to say what's up, whatever.