My year end awards

I've seen people putting up some thoughtages on the regular season. Well here are mine...


Beginning with the most prestigious award, the MVP.

Overall and Defensive MVP will go to James Harrison.

Can anyone argue this one really? The man broke the Steeler sack record. Played through injuries at times, really put up the most solid season a burgh LB has had in quite a while.

Offensive MVP, Ben Roethlisberger

Okay, some may say he screwed us in some games. And yes he did. Not always his fault though. People say he had 4 INTs against NYG, and 3 against Indy. But regardless, we were in positions to win both of those and screwed it up for Ben. I have really never witnessed a QB show the ability to come from behind, and get that last drive quite like Ben does. Without him we dont win this division plain and simple. He worked with a constantly changing cast of support, and still came out a winner

Best Pickup over the offseason, Waltzing Mewelde Moore

This category includes the draft as well. Mewelde Moore saved this team more than once. He runs hard, catches great, blocks well, and basically does whatever is needed to generate a win. I pray we can re-sign him and keep him off the market. His talent was lost in a loaded RB roster in Minnesota, but now hes plainly visible.

Best fill in player, Darnell "The Stapler" Stapleton

Losing a probowl lineman or 3 this year hurt. Bad. But Darnell was one who filled in the gap, and has quietly been very very good this year. You can't ask for much more of a UFA than to come in, play hard, and help secure the right side. Granted the O-line as a whole is pretty weak, but I like the center/RG situation. This was a close call between Stapler and William Gay, but Darnell has had to handle more games so I gave him the nod.

Most improved player, LaMarr Woodley

From a guy who played sparingly last year and still made some waves, this guy showed he can start and be successful. Its a crime he isnt Pro Bowl this year. We have a potential wrecking ball for years to come in this guy. Remember, guns dont kill people, LaMarr Woodley does. Honorables go to B-Mac, as his play has made our secondary much deeper.

Comeback player of the year, Troy Polamalu

From an injury plagued 2007 to a league leading 2008. Troy showed yet again that when healthy he is the biggest factor on our defense. You have to love watching him play. And he also holds the bonus award for best catch of the year. That fingertip grab made me squeal. An honorable mention goes to Aaron Smith, for returning to the lineup after an injury and having an outstanding year.


Best single player performance of the year, Mewelde Moore, Week 6 against Cin.

3 Touchdowns by a guy who was nowhere near the starter on the depth chart was an amazing performance. In a game following a pair of brutal battles, Waltzing Mewelde made this one an easy victory.

Best win of the year, @ New England

This was the toughest call I had to make. Who didnt love the comeback against Dallas, or Baltimore 2x, or beating JAX in their stadium? But to me, this win said a lot. It said we dont care about the past, this year is different. We throttled the New England Cheater Patriots in their house, something we havent done in ages.


Thats it for the regular season awards. Let me know how you feel!

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