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I Wonder If Paid Analysts Actually Watch The Games

Just a quick thought from me before opening up this as an open thread to jibber-jabber about what ever strikes our collective fancy. Hopefully we can use this thread to post any updates or news we might stumble across regarding the team - including but not limited to Ryan Clark's health, Big Ben's concussion, James Harrison's hip, etc.

Anyway, I was listening to ESPN radio for a few minutes last night as I was driving somewhere, and I was astonished to hear some guy rejoicing in the fact that 'smash-mouth' physical running football teams were having so much success and in the playoffs. This guy cited Pittsburgh, Baltimore, the Giants and a few others as his examples. Sure, the Ravens and the Giants run the football frequently, and do so effectively, but not us, and that should be crystal clear to anybody who is paid to analyze football for a living.

As much as it pains me to bring it up, here are our rushing ranks as a team:

Attempts: 9th

Yards: 23rd

Yards/Carry: 29th

Rushing TDs: 13th

Depending on who we will be facing, we may or may not need a big day out of our rushing attack to win, but I suppose the moral of the story here is: A) the Steelers have been forever branded as a rushing, physical team. They will be called that regardless of what they actually do on the field..and B) this is precisely why there is a place for team specific blogs like this and others.