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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Dallas Cowboys - Game Day Open Thread

What an opportunity! Back-to-back wins over the Pats and Cowboys? Are you serious? With the Ravens, Titans, and Browns to conclude? Wow, talk about a fun slate of teams to get on a run against.

But first things first. Even without DeMarcus Ware and Marion Barber, the Cowboys still have enough skill players to get some things done against the Steelers defense at Heinz Field. I'd like to elaborate more on this, and I beleive y'all talked about it this week some in my absence, but imagine what this Steelers D would be like on a fast track in a dome with the Steelers faithful ringing in the opponents' ear?

Whatever, we're just fine with the hand we were dealt. We have enough speed and skill all over the defense so that even on a somewhat neutralized playing surface, the D still stands out. It just requires a really good quarterback and some play makers on offense to be just one fraction ahead of our defense. It's tough to do, and teams like the 49ers, Bills, Browns, Bengals, etc just aren't consistent enough. Obviously the Cowboys offense has been humming since Romo's return. I personally find it hard to imagine him stinking up the joint tomorrow, but then I remember that despite his overall stellar play since being handed the keys to the Cowgirls offense, he's had some really really bad individual outings sandwiched in between.

Here's my feeling basically: we'll know in the first 20 minutes of the game whether Romo and the Cowboys offense are going to keep us guessing and have a great shot at winning or we're going to fluster the Cobwoys offense early and often. A T.O implosion? Abandonment of the running game? These things might be answered long before halftime.

BUT.. let's face it. When Dallas' offense is anywhere resembling being 'on', they're a top 3 offense in the NFL at worst. Fortunately they'll be missing an integral part of their offensive repotoire with Barber, but we all know better by know as NFL fans to think that's a deal breaker in a game between to highly competitive teams like this.

I JUST got in for the night and have been eager to throw something up in anticipation of this game. Soon as I could make it was the game thread, but hey, at least my mind's free to turn to the stretch run. Starting with one of our fiercest rivals.

Cowboys hold the series lead 15-14.

Let's tie it up Steelers! Beat the Cowboys!

P.S. Brief explanation as to why I first started loving the Steelers? I was born and raised for the better part of my upbringing in Austin, TX, where I was subjected to the eye-gougingly pompous and awful spectacle that is Cowboys football each and every week.  I followed my dad with the Cincinnati Reds (big mistake that was since 2nd grade at least), but he hated the Cowboys too. So i was free to search for greener pastures. When I saw some really badass scary looking dudes for Pittsburgh's defense who looked kinda like Darth Vader, only a lot more demonstrably angry, I had a winner. Not very inspirational, but give me a break, I was like 8 and an NFL atheist growing up.

I'm just happy I ended up where I did, and I'd like to be reminded of that this afternoon.

Join me here.