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NFL Has Both Good and Bad Characters In Its Ranks

Just a couple of links that you might find interesting.

The first, a nice piece on Oakland Raiders special teams player Jarrod Cooper, the anti-Michael Vick of the NFL. For animal and dog lovers in the group, you'll enjoy the genuine commitment and interest Cooper has shown to his volunteer efforts.


Now that you're feeling all warm and bubbly, check out this investigative report on Jeramy Stevens. Yikes.

This guy has fooled a number of people over the years. Just about everybody has a good side to them. It's amazing that some are duped into showing leniency towards clearly awful people just because they occasionally do or say a nice thing.

And finally, a quick photo of the Jerome Bettis signed jersey that cgolden won for the contest I held during Super Bowl week. Because I had been burned before by people promising me things and not delivering, I didn't promote the contest too much. As a result, there were very few entrants, but cgolden was certainly deserving of the prize. I don't receive much compensation for this site, but cgolden provides lots to our daily discussions and distraction from real life for absolutely nothing. For that reason alone, I couldn't be more pleased the jersey promptly arrived to him the other day. Enjoy, sir.