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You Think You Can Dance? I Can't, Neither Can These Dufus Kids. Any Steelers Stomp The Yard?

You like that? Two references to 'please-shoot-me-if-I-ever-have-to-see-this' movies in a web-log post title. Score one for Blitzburgh.

Sticking with my random, irrelevant theme of today's posts, some YouTube fun for those still at work killing time.

Best watched with the sound off, unless you like silly commercial hip-hop.

A valiant, but fatally flawed effort by those ninnys, but we'll give them presentation points for their attire. Maybe if there was an NBA team in Pittsburgh they could pick up a hint or two from Rasheed Wallace.

I personally love 'Sheed. Some call him petulant and a punk. It's not really true. Most all of his teamates love him to death and like Randy Moss, 'Sheed's outbursts and attitude problems in Portland were largely related to an acute frustration with his surroundings.

At the end of the day, a guy this good has to struggle at times staying within the framework of the team concept over the course of an 82-game season:

The 1:13 mark, and the 3:07 mark especially, are flat out ridiculous

 To find some way to tie this into the Steelers I ask you this:

Which Steelers player would be in charge of such pre-game tomfoolery were they to partake in such activities. I think Ray Lewis' routine is pretty lame, and frankly, from what I've seen league-wide, NFL players are too focused on primal displays of emotion and rage, which in turn compromises their style, flow and rhythm - not that I'd know anything about that.

My votes: Jeff Reed, Santonio Holmes, Casey Hampton, Tyrone Carter.