To all the True Pats Fans...

I have been pretty quiet lately, an unfortunate side effect of the steelers losing in the playoffs.  I have a hard time getting into any game, even though I happen to really like the Packers, I can't sit through an entire game.  Not to mention the hype surrounding a team that I just can't stand.  I don't want to sit and listen to Phil or Dick or Morgan or Tony or any other talking head reference the Patriots every other play.  Superbowl XLII proved to be all that I could have hoped for.  Most people believed this game to be a foregone conclusion, a footnote in the greatest season in NFL history blah blah blah.  To see Tom Brady walk off the field repeatedly frustrated, to see Belichick give up and walk onto the field with time still on the clock and give his fake congratulations, made me feel downright whimsical.   I'm serious.  It was beautiful.  I haven't wanted someone to lose that badly since the Braves in 95.  So I can't wait to hear some of the excuses that you folks bring up.  All just about every Pats fan did that I met throughout the   entire season was gloat and preen.  The fans on TV, in person, all the same.  Well, what are you folks saying at the moment?  How is that 16 - 0 tasting right about now?  


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