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College Football National Signing Day

It seems safe to say that there are a bunch of college football fans that are regulars on BTSC. Many of you seem to have a pulse on the upcoming draft and where and why they may go to various teams this April. Is it safe to assume that some of you may even be interested in one rung lower in the ladder: college recruting?

I enjoy the college game, but I personally do not take much interest in the recruting aspect of the game. I know it's extremely important, perhaps the most important aspect of NCAA football, but for various reasons, I just sit back and wait for the games to be played, then watch mostly enjoyable contests while trying to evaluate future NFL talent. Basically the recruiting process is too much like politics: lots of BS, plenty of silly drama, and a myriad false promises and unrealistic expectations delineate both processes.

It is important though, and if you have even a passing interest in college football, today's a good day to get your first look at the latest crop of football talent in America, and where they have elected to embark on their student-athlete 'NFL-preparation' experience.

The two biggest names still floating out there are Darrell Scott (CA running back choosing between Colorado and Texas) and Terrell Pryor (QB choosing between Ohio State and Michigan).