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Anybody Else See Jeremy Shockey Boozing at the Super Bowl?

Just remembered the cameras scanned to Jeremy Shockey and his entourage in a luxury suite during the Super Bowl. Anyone remember that? There he was, not on the field, with a couple of drinks in front of him. I obviously wasn't there to report on how much he drank, perhaps just two drinks. But, more likely, he was up there getting sloshed for most of the game. Fine, whatever, he's a grown man and there's obviously no more football to be played after the Super Bowl. But, then I heard he skipped the parade in New York City. Why? What an honor it must be to parade around town, with two million of your fans eager to congratulate and celebrate with you. So what if you weren't 'part' of the magical run. Were you there in training camp working hard? Did you compete in games with your teamates before you went down with an injury? Coaches say it's all a 'process' and a 'journey' from Day 1. Weren't you part of the hard work that laid the foundation for team success later in the year?

It's a petulant move that I don't understand. Maybe he wants out of New York anyway and figures this might give the Giants' front office the small extra push it might need to pull the plug on Shockey's tenure in the Big Apple and move on to rookie TE Kevin Boss, who everyone knows hasn't been too shabby since getting his opportunity.

Weigh in if you have any thoughts on whether or not teamates should be down on the field with their teamates, even if they have been shut down with injuries for the year. I remember Hines Ward and Troy P. always being on the field, even when hurt, but I suppose they weren't on IR.