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A Steelers Look at Everyone Else's Offseason

As the dust settles from another big Steelers' free agent signing (ok, maybe that's a bit of an overstatement) why not take a spin around the rest of the free agent world this week:

The Oakland Raiders continue their desperate attempt at becoming a legitimate franchise once again, now signing Drew Carter to a two million dollar, one year contract. The 6'3" 210 pound underachieving deep threat will attempt to pair with recently acquired Javon Walker.

David Carr will try and resurrect his career with the New York Giants as he signed a one-year, one million dollar deal. Carr is a guy I almost feel sorry for because he seems like a guy who had talent but just played for a horribly pathetic team. I don't think he's shaken the countless beatings he took as the starter in Houston. Maybe a solid year with clip board in his hands is what the doctor ordered.

The Dolphins added a safety that I actually wouldn't have minded the Steelers making a run at. Keith Davis signed a two year deal with Miami, reuniting himself with several former Cowboys coaches. Davis is a marginal safety but his real value is on special teams, where he was the Cowboy's ST captain and has 77 career special teams tackles.

Larry Fitzgerald did the Cardinals a favor and agreed to a new contract, which freed up a ton of cap room for the "Steelers of the Southwest." If he's not the highest paid receiver now he has to be close, considering his four year $40 million dollar deal with a whopping $30 million guaranteed.

The Tampa Bay Bucs signed a couple of guys who couldn't be more opposite players. Warrick Dunn, one of the most liked players in the league, was signed by the team that drafted him much to the chagrin of Falcons fans. Then just to balance a great locker room guy with a complete waste of talent they signed Antonio Bryant. Bryant has feuded with two former head coaches and was out of football all of last year after being arrested for DUI over 100mph and resisting arrest.  Bryant didn't spend his season off working out and getting ready for next year, he sued the NFL for drug testing him when he wasn't employed. I wonder why we never heard of the Steelers bringing him in for a workout?

Update [2008-3-13 16:26:49 by cgolden]:: Rumor has it that the Lions have released running back Kevin Jones. The 25 year old, former first round pick, has had problems staying healthy since his productive rookie season. It's hard to understand what the Lions gain by cutting him loose considering that Tatum Bell is the only other running back of significance on the team. Oh well, only Matt Millen understands what goes on in his head.