How bad would uncapped salary hurt us?

Bumped from the diaries. This is a huge subject that I guarantee you will be gaining lots of tracting in the future. I'm interested to see what folks have to say about the subject. As more information becomes available, I'll be weighing in.


There's been talk recently that after 2010 or 2011 we may find ourselves without an NFL salary cap.  The players say that if that ever happens and the owners bail out of the current percentage agreement, there will never be a cap again.  Gene Upshaw has said that many times.

Interestingly, in the heyday of the 70s the Steelers had the highest payroll before the salary cap.  It wasn't because the Rooneys liked tossing money around, it was due to three main reasons

  1. The success of the team and corresponding marketing income made it palitable.
  2. Other owners were like the Rooneys in a family business and not from outside business empires.
  3. Owners in general weren't marketing gurus wishing to throw megabucks around like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder.
I celebrated the salary cap of 1994 because I thought it would keep the playing field level.  Of course, if you agree to signing bonuses you need the cash up front so teams like the Steelers aren't on a totally level playing field compared to other owners who have more cash, but at least this is quite livable.

So how bad would it be for us if we the current collective bargaining agreement fell apart and wasn't re-newed? How bad would it hurt the Steelers?  True, we have a pretty good national following and it shows at road games, in addition to a great local and regional following.  But how much can that help the Rooneys if there was no salary cap?

What do you folks think?  Are you worried at all?  How bad would we get hurt, short term and long term?

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