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A Few Noteworthy Stories and Reactions from around the NFL

  • Team Goodell: League Police, are at it again. Take a look at the 49er's fanbase's take on the tampering incident involving Drew Rosenhaus, Lance Briggs, SF, and the Chicago Bears.
  • Where do you guys come down on this specifically, and more generally, on the contention that Goodell is shooting from the hip as it relates to him rewriting the rulebook in a way as he goes.
  • The folks at Arrowhead Pride continue to roll out their Community Mock Draft. The premise? Each reader selects a team, said reader selects for that team. Rinse, repeat. Any interest in conducting our own, perhaps going through 2 Rounds?
  • Is there any doubt the Jerry Jones will determine that he and his organization are the perfect fit for Pacman Jones? Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. In many ways, an incredible owner. In every conceivable way, an abominable GM.