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An Interesting Take From A Fan on The Potential Ramifications Of An Uncapped NFL

Heisted from the comments section of a post made yesterday about the possibility of an uncapped NFL in the future. I'm afraid tfetterman and I see the writing on the wall in a similar way.  Trouble is looming. For the sake of this great game, let's hope we avoid the fate brought upon itself by both MLB and the NHL. In the end, things will be allright I believe, but I sure hope we don't get sidetracked by a stalemate of greed.


from tfetterman:

With the intelligence in the 32 team corporate offices and the brilliance in the league office, the NFL has been the best run sports organization in the world.  With that said, do you think for one second that the owners would allow players (who have no claim to a piece of the pie other than what they can demand with their performance) to dictate to them how to run their organization?  There are thousands of men out there that didn't make the current cut that would be happy to play while the millionaires try to make more millions.  It would be very nice at least for a season or two to see great players that play for the game (rather than for the money) compete.  Mind you, I would prefer to have the best athletes on the field.  However, this would be great football as well.

Simply put, with no salary cap, there will be a lockout.  Many fans will join in the player's protest, but not enough to diminish the financial margins.  Less ticket sales means less money coming in, but lower salaries (probably league minimum) means less going out.  It might even benefit the league for a short period of time.

Yes, the owners are getting rich.  However, they have earned it.  They are paying players, even at a league minimum, well above what you and I will ever make.  Most of these individuals have college educations, and can eventually earn a significant salary off the field.  The owners are paying them to play a game that they love that I would happily play again for free if I had the chance.  (That and if I got my lazy ass back into shape.)  Yes, I agree that the best players should get the best salaries.  However, with the current cap, it provides a very significant opportunity to provide that.

Ultimately, all of these negotiations get pushed back to the fan.  We end up paying the price.  Do you think ticket prices would have gone up if the salary cap didn't keep going up?  Maybe?  But I would argue that it wouldn't go up as quickly as it has.  Short of a nasty prostitute, can you think of anywhere else that you get entertained for three hours at a price of $159 for an average seat other than concerts and pro sports?  Not to mention what it costs if you want a beer!

Two tickets:  $318
Two Beers:  $22
Two hot dogs:  $16
Parking:  $20
Soda:  $6
Peanuts: $8

Average Price to take your son to a game:  $390


Don't get me wrong.  It's worth every minute of it, but more and more children are missing the opportunity to enjoy what I believe is one of the passtimes that makes this country great.  If we take away the salary cap, I couldn't begin to imagine how ridiculous things would become.

So, I'm not worried about what eliminating the salary cap would do to the Steelers.  I'm worried about what it would do to the game an how it is cherished accross our nation.

Sorry, I'll get off of my soap box now.