Romo vs. Garrard vs. Ben(please)

Well, we have had a Terry sighting, something that hasn't happened in a long time.  Much debate has been made about Romo, Ben and David Garrard in another post, so I thought that I would put most of the information in one place.

In comparing Romo and Garrard, there really isn't too much of a comparison, as Romo beat Garrard in almost every category last year, Garrard's only full season as starter.  Since Garrard has only started one season, it seemed fair to compare the two just for last season...

Romo - 520 att, 335 comp, 64.4%, 4211 yds, 8.1 avg, 36 TD's and 6.9 TD%, 19 ints, and a 97.4 rating.

Garrard - 325 att, 208 comp, 64%, 2509 yds, 7.72 avg, 18 TDs, 5.5 TD%, 3 ints, and a 102.2 rating.

There is something to be said about the fact that Romo has better recievers and the Jags run a LOT.  However, that doesn't explain away the comp. percentage, average yds per pass and the TD percentage.  Those 3 stats are a bit more important to me, since it shows how consistent they are, and Romo is better in all three.  The 3 ints are an amazing stat, and finishing with a rating over 100, something which Romo has not done in 2 seasons as a starter, is quite an accomplishment.  All in all, the two are fairly similar in the regular season.  You can't really argue strongly for either one being 'better'.

Postseason-wise, Romo is 0-2, compared to Garrard who is 1-1.  Both guys have been in 2 playoff games, and the lines are as follows:


vs. Seattle - 36 att, 18 comp, 50% comp, 201 yds, 5.58 avg, 1 Td, 1 int, for a 89.6 rating.

vs. NYG - 29 att, 17 comp, 58% comp, 1889 yds, 6.52 avg, 1 TD, 0 int, for a dismal 64.7 rating.


vs. Pitt - 21 att, 9 comp, 42% comp, 140 yds, 8.02 avg, 2 Tds, 3 ints, 79.2 rating.

vs. NE - 33 att, 22 comp, 66% comp, 278 yds, 8.42 avg, 2 TD, 0 ints, 100.3 rating.

Take what you will from that, to me it looks as though there isn't too much difference, neither qb has done much in the postseason, although Garrard's line in the NE loss is very good.

As for the claim that Romo is better than Ben...

Romo's first season as a starter -
337 att, 220 comp, 65.3% 2903yds, 8.61 avg, 19 TDs, 5.6 TD%, 13 ints, and a 95.1 rating.  Record was 6-4.

Ben's first season - 295 att, 196 comp, 66.4 comp%, 2621 yds, 8.88 avg, 17 TDs, 5.8 TD%, 11 ints, and a 98.1 rating.  Record was 14-0.

So first season comparison is a joke.  Romo barely cleared .500 winning percentage, Ben set a rookie record for winning his first 13 games as a starter.  13 - 0!  Amazing first year run.  

Playoff records -
Romo is 0-2
Ben is 5-2, 2 AFC championship games, 1 SB ring

Defining playoff moments -
Romo - botching a hold for a game winning field goal.
Ben - game-saving tackle on a fumble return.

Say what you want about that terrible performance in the superbowl, they still won, and it was one playoff game.  Ben still has a ring and 5 playoff wins.

Regular season winning percentage -
Romo: 19 - 7 for a .730%
Ben: 40 - 16 for a .713%
pretty even, considering that Ben had one monster bad season, and has been in the league longer.

Overall career stats -
Ben - 55 games started, 1437 att, 909 comp, 63.3 comp%, 11677 yds,  8.13 avg, 84 TDs, 5.8 TD%, 54 ints, for a rating of 92.5

Romo - 26 games started, 857 att, 555 comp, 64.8 comp%, 7114yds, 8.30 avg, 55 TDs, 6.4 TD%, 32 ints, and a rating of 96.5

Bens records:

1 Pro Bowl
Most wins by a rookie - 13 games
Highest qb rating for a rookie - 98.1
Longest win streak to start a career - 15 games
Best won-loss record thru 4 years for a qb - 44 and 18
First qb to start two AFC championship games in his first two seasons.
Youngest qb to start the superbowl
Highest comp% for a rookie qb - 66.4%
Oh yeah,
and worst rating for a winning superbowl qb - 22.7

Romo's records -
2 Pro Bowls

One more interesting stat - Ben has 3 career perfect passer rating games.  Since it's inception, there have only been 40 perfect ratings, thrown by 34 qbs.  The only other multiples are Peyton(four) and Kurt Warner(two).  Oh yeah, Romo has a big goose egg.

When comparing these stats, you have to look at the fact that the Steelers do run a predominantly run first offense, and that the Cowboys have had more talent at the reciever position.  I think that those two facts are changing though.  I think we will get more and more balanced and that Holmes will get more talented.  But comparing Owens and even my man-crush Hines, Owens is by far the better reciever.  Pure talent wise, may be the best in the league, and he doesn't seem to be slowing down with age.  Hines does a little bit.

Terry, your comments like

"Romo is being paid as much or less than most franchise QBs including your boy Ben, who by the way has a less than impressive resume than Romo unless you want to count that SB win which was won in spite of his horrendous performance that day (25 qb rating, worse ever for a winning SB QB)."

are waaaay off base, not to mention grammatically incorrect.  Their actual stats are pretty similar, but their actual RESUMES don't compare.  Ben set multiple rookie records, has a better playoff record, a similar regular season record, 3 perfect passer ratings, nearly the same amount of Pro Bowls, two AFC champ appearances and a superbowl win.  Romo has a tiny better winning percentage, and two playoff losses.

And last but not least you made this comment:

"Romo doesn't draw attention to himself, he's automatically going to get tons of attention no matter what he does because he's the QB of the Dallas Cowboys. Whoever that person is, they are going to be viewed under a microscope 24/7, thats just the way it is."

So, did Bledsoe draw the kind of attention that Romeo has drawn for himself?  What about Henson, Wright, Carter,  and Testaverde?  All of these guys were starting qbs for the Boys in this decade and none of them made the tabloids on a regular basis.  Just because you are a qb for the self-proclaimed "America's Team" does not mean you are under the media's microscope.  The Cowboys are not what they once were, despite what so many of their fans want to think.  Hell, the biggest news for your team this decade has been the hiring of a troubled reciever, the hiring and subsequent quitting of a primmadonna coach, and a playboy qb having girlfriend issues.

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