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Steelers Lock up Big Ben for the Next Eight Years

ESPN just reported that the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger have agreed to a new 8 year $102 million dollar contract with more than $36 million guaranteed.  In comparison, Peyton Manning received a $34.5 million signing bonus in his big deal and Michael Vick received $37 million in guarantees from the Falcons in his mega deal.

Have fun Mr. Roethlisberger. No new motorcycles though, ok?

So what do you think Steelers' fans, too much? Or is there a price that's too big for a franchise QB of Ben's caliber?

P.S. A very interesting note at the end of the article also says that they are in the process of adding another weapon to Roethlisberger's arsenal. They hosted former Vikings running back Mewelde Moore on Sunday and his signing appears imminent. Looks like we finally got one right here on BTSC.

Editor's Note from Blitzburgh:

A few things here guys and gals. For now, we're leaving this simple thread as a sort-of celebratory post for the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger, who certainly received the best 26th birthday present (his birthday was Sunday) that I've ever seen. But there's plenty to be discussed in the immediate future about the deal, what it means for our salary cap situation moving forward, as well as how his deal stacks up against the rest of the NFL's premiere QBs. A reader has emailed me saying that he'll be working on a spreadsheet comparing Ben's salary cap allocation compared to his peers. I look forward to seeing that.

And finally, it's worth noting now and then discussing, that this commitment to Roethlisberger punctuates what has been a slow, but nevertheless a steady, transformation of this organization from one that once was a run-at-all costs team, to one that has essentially put all its proverbial eggs in the basket of its QB and the plays he might make in the passing game.