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Monday Morning Quick Hits: Steelers Style

Here are some Monday morning quick hits to get the week started off right.

Coach Mike Tomlin gives some memorable quotes while relaxing at the NFL Owners Meetings. He offers some insight about how the offensive line will be improved and praises Dallas Baker for his work on the practice squad last season. This is what our leader had to say when asked about a daunting schedule in 2008:

"Don't ask me about the schedule. I could care less. If we want to be the best, we've got to beat them all, anyway."

I hate to keep beating a dead horse but Coach T continues to impress me with his no nonsense attitude.

An article about Anthony Smith concludes with a complete injury update on guys such as FWP, Aaron Smith, Hines, and Marvel Smith. As you would expect the reports are that each one is progressing either on schedule or ahead of schedule and all are expected to make a full recovery by the beginning of camp. A separate article tells the complete story behind Ryan Clark's bizarre injury and his road to recovery. It's definitely encouraging to hear that he's been released to participate in all drills at full speed. He's also only 10 pounds under his playing weight, which is pretty amazing considering he lost about 30 pounds during his recovery.

I also read this weekend that as Steelers fans, we need to be rooting for Brian St. Pierre, Marquis Cooper, Verron Haynes and Dan Kreider to get jobs somewhere this off-season. If none of these guys sign with another team before the start of camp the Steelers won't get any compensatory picks in next season's draft. By rule, a team is only eligible for compensatory picks if they sign fewer unrestricted free agents than they lose. The count currently stands at three signed (Moore, Keyaron Fox, and Hartwig) and two lost (Faneca and Haggans). If a couple of those guys are signed the Steelers would likely get a third round pick for the loss of Faneca. Something worth keeping an eye on?