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Pittsburgh Steelers Face Intersting Decision(s) - Time's Ticking Though

The following comment was made by datruth4life in the previous post's comment thread. I think it frames the decision(s) the Steelers are facing right now quite nicely.

Guys, E. Wilson would be an upgrade to our secondary. I remember him in his first 3 years with the Patriots, and I said to myself then why can't the Steelers get safeties like that. He was great in coverage and was a big hitter also.

I read recently that Crocker has trouble in coverage, which is something that we have enough of here at the moment. The fact that neither has signed means that they'll have to come down off of their price if they want to get resigned some place.

Resigning OLB Andre Frazier was a good move. He's a good special teams player who will be able to back up Harrison and Woodley in a pinch. The special teams coverage units as a whole were a failure this past year, but Frazier played decently. I don't know how to fix that, other than get some more dogs up in there that love to bang heads.

Right now, I think the Starks situation is very interesting. He isn't visiting places and the Steelers, according to Dale Lolley, haven't been negotiating a long-term deal with him because they don't want to give him a contract to take around to other teams to beat. I also think Starks value might not be as high around the league as he thinks it is.

Should the Steelers still try to sign him to a long-term deal, or should they relinquish his tag and sign E. Wilson and C-G Rex Hadnot?

Sift through the scenarios in this thread. Things to consider: options at guard/center vs. scarcity of tackles; contracts; talent available in this year's draft, etc.