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Steelers Fans in Western PA, Meet Willie Parker This Thursday

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Ok Steelers fans. I get tons of requests to promote products/events/sites and usually decline respectfully. But when Esquire Magazine asked if I would be willing to briefly mention an event they were co-sponsoring with Perry Ellis and Macy's that featured Willie Parker, I accepeted for several reasons not worth mentioning here. As always, you can email me with any questions, thoughts, or suggestions you may have about the site or anything else related to the team or what I do that is not divulged on the main page here (locate my email address on the gigantic, impossible to miss link on the left hand side of the site). I digress. I'm not sure exactly why Esquire, a NYC based magazine, would be involved with an event in Pittsburgh, but perhaps it's because Mr. Parker is one sharply dressed dude? I can't seem to find any pictures confirming or denying such an assumption, but we'll go with it.

Anyway, the event will be held at Macy's Ross Park Mall in the Men's Perry Ellis department. To get an autograph from FWP, you need to purchase $50 dollars of Perry Ellis items, which gets you a free football and access to Mr. Parker, provided that you are one of the first 200 guests to do so.

As I mentioned, I'm not big on pimping other's endeavors for free but after consideration, there's probably little to no doubt that you could use some new threads (or at least some new freaking dress socks?) now that Spring has finally arrived. At the very worst, you make your wife or girlfriend happy that you invested your Thursday evening replacing that shirt she hates with something newer and sharper. And if you're a female fan interested in Mr. Parker, I can't suggest anything inside the Perry Ellis Men's Department, but what the hell, convince your man to foot the bill on whatever it is that you haphazardly splurge on expeditiously to secure your place in line.

Time: Thursday April 3rd, 6 pm.

Place: Macy's Ross Park Mall

Rest assured BTSC readers not in the Pittsburgh area who wasted 60 seconds of their life reading this, Esquire and Willie Parker were gracious enough to provide an autographed photo of him, to be given to one of y'all at a date and for a reason yet to be determined.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.