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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #17 by Minnesota Vikings: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

LiveinDCbutsteelerfanbyheart keeps things going with the Minnesota Vikings' pick at #17. Matt Ryan stays on the board once more, as liveindc opts for defensive help instead. Many thanks for the pick and lengthy write-up. Next up? The venerable steeler lifer at #18 for the Houston Texans.

With the 17th pick the Minnesota Vikings failed to make a selection in time, therefore forfeiting their pick to the Houston Texans. The Houston Texans are on the clock....  

This is one thing the Vikings never want to see again, let alone any team in the NFL. The reason I bring that up is because unlike last year, teams will now only have 10 minutes instead of 15 to make their selections, so expect the war room to be even more stressful. Honestly if there are a lot of surprises in the real draft like our mock draft picks, expect people to be scrambling to make a good pick that could possibly make or break their franchises in only 10 minutes. If you look deeper in to this new ten minute rule, all the top 15 or so picks will become millionaires about five minutes faster. Look at it as the NFL having their own relief program allowing players to become richer five minutes faster to save them and their families from foreclosure.  Man, the NFL really cares.  

Alright I must admit, all of what I said above was floating around in my head and not thoroughly thought out. I occasionally do that, because I have fun sometimes saying a bunch of stuff that means really nothing.  But on a serious side of what I said above I can't wait to see how losing that extra five minutes will pan out in the later first round, as teams will now have less time to make trades and make back-up plans if their top picks on the board are gone.  

On to my selection, you all know if I could I pick Owen Schmidt here I would.  Think about it how sweet would it be to have that kind of full back, leading the way for Adrian Peterson and Chestor Taylor.  Not to mention Vikings line is pretty sweet.  When I say sweet I mean they ranked number one in rushing with 164.5 yards per game. An interesting stat of this team from last year was that they had 131 first downs rushing the ball and 139 first downs passing. Talk about balance. That's darn near a 1:1 ratio which is unheard of in today's pass happy offense.   To put that in perspective the next best team was the Jags with a 127:180 rushing to pass ratio.

So this team can run the ball, we know that. They still have all their starting linemen back but lost some depth in FA, so getting some depth on the line could be a priority in later rounds. Their running back situation in my opinion is the best in the NFL, so there is no need there. QB and WR situations are big questions marks. However, I do not think the Vikes are ready to give up on Tavaris Jackson quite yet but they do not have any quality back ups so they could look at maybe going QB, but honestly I do not think out side of Matt Ryan, there are any QBs worth taking in the first round. There are plenty with some upside they could take a stab at in Rounds 2 or 3 such as Chad Henne or Joe Flacco. Quick note: I wrote this way in advance and I figured Matt Ryan would be gone by now, however I still do not think picking Matt Ryan is the piece they need, even though it is very tempting.

But the biggest reason I do not think the Vikings want to take a risk at QB is because they want to win now they believe that they have the team to do so minus just a few pieces. If Jackson can mange the game with a occasional big play, which he is capable of, he will be just fine.  They have a need in WR but with their run-first mentality, who they have right now will do the job fine. Sidney Rice will be a good WR in the near future, just watch.      

So with all the offensive situations broken down, I think its best for the Vikings to use their first round pick on a defensive player. Who though, is the question.  I will tell who that person is: Derrick Harvey,DE, Florida.  Here is why: we have all seen what a stud DE can do to help a team out - it makes the DBs better, the LBs better. Basically it makes the whole defense as a unit better. I do not believe the Vikes have too much of a problem in the secondary. They have some young guys and Darren Sharper back there keeping everything in order.  Don't forget two years ago this secondary was 1st in the league under Tomlin so they all have the potential. It all starts in the trenches, and because I believe that this year will be hard to find a stud DE within the late 2nd round to the 3rd round, the Vikes should take Harvey who is a stud in all the right ways.

Check this out. This dude is 6'5" 271 pounds full of solid muscle, he benched 31 times at the Combine, his 40 yard dash is subpar but his first 10 yards is one of the best among defense of line men which is 1.59 secs in the first 10 yards. You all know defensive linemen do not generally need to go very far, just about 10 yards, so if he can get off that line that fast with his strength, this guys' potential in my personal opinion could be a lot higher than Chris Long's and Vernon Gholston's. Him playing against the best in the SEC I think makes him more ready than those two. That's a big statement, I know, but I totally believe and sometimes mixing talent evaluation and a gut feeling does some good.  I'm sure everyone got a gut feeling about a player before but this guys got the goods to back up my gut feeling.  This will be a good fit for the Vikes, who play hard nose defense and run the ball. What team doest that remind you guys of, yep our very own Pittsburgh Steelers.  

A beast in the trenches, and for those who question his speed, just
remember he was a big reason why Troy smith was running for his
life two years ago in the title game.

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