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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #19 by Philadelphia Eagles: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

I said it last time, and I'll say it again: BadMaafala knows the NFL Draft. As you'll see below, his explanation of what the Eagles might do in the real draft, where of course, trades are involved, makes a lot of sense. But alas, the rules of our mock limit his creativity. Still a solid selection that could immediately help Philadelphia compete in the brutal gauntlet that is the NFC East. Next up? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and smashmouthsteel at #20.

The Eagles are a team that has the ammunition and desire to trade up in the draft. There is a good chance that they will lose both starting tackles to retirement or FA in 2009, and while they could probably get by at RT, they don't have a pure LT on their roster. If they don't think their LT will be around at #19 (probably a safe bet), they would be the perfect trade partners for New England. Lito Shepherd wasn't happy about the Samuels signing (for obvious reasons), and if the Eagles packaged him with their first pick, it would fill the Pats immediate need at CB better than a rookie like DRC or McKelvin would, and still allow them to draft a guy like Groves or Mayo at #19. The Eagles, on the other hand, get rid of a disgruntled player they have already replaced and are assured their pick of the OT's behind Long.

In this draft, however, they can't trade up, and all the tackles are gone. They would give Mayo, Rivers, and Harvey a good look as well if they were still around. They could draft Devin Thomas, but everyone always has them drafting a WR, and they never do. The only "big guy" (their usual pick) left on the board is Phillip Merling, but they have so many capable DL's it's ridiculous. They might draft him or Cherilus just for the heck of it. They could use a LB, but I`m not a Dan Connor fan, and I wouldn't draft him in the first round. The two players left (besides WR's, which they just won't draft) that could help solidify their future are:

Kenny Phillips: Dawkins has been one of my favorite football players for a long time and had only been getting better until injuries kept him out most of last year. They don't have a replacement for him on the roster, a role that Phillips could take on while starting opposite Dawkins for now. Phillips' stock has dropped him into the late first round, but he would be a very capable SS until he can learn what it means to play FS in the NFL.

Jonathan Stewart: Westbrook is a top RB, but he's taken a lot of punishment throughout his career, and he always seems to be on the edge of being too injured to play. That will eventually catch up on the Eagles and they'll be stuck with Buckhalter, who's always injured himself, and Tony Hunt. Jonathan Stewart has had two productive seasons at Oregon, and is the most complete back in the draft, maybe the safest too. His 40, vertical, and BP were outstanding if you consider that he weighs 235lbs. He is elusive, powerful, a good blocker, and very fast for his size. He also has good hands and doesn't fumble the football. Not that Reid ever runs the ball, but if he tried it sometime, with their IOL and Stewart, no one would be able to stop them.

So with the 19th pick for the 2008 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select:

Jonathan Stewart

With the right size and speed, Stewart could be the future of the Eagles' running game, if they ever run the ball.

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