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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #20 by Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Limas Sweed, WR, Texas

smashmouthsteel submits the Tampa Bay Bucaneers pick at #20. Living in Austin, I can attest to Sweed's abilities, but I can also testify that he's not the greatest possesion receiver or the most polished route runner at this point in his career. Still, he's made huge catches in huge games and probably would make a lot of sense in Gruden's big-play pass attack. Plus, being around Joey Galloway would certainly help jumpstart his career in terms of work ethic. Next up? The Washington Redskins and new BTSC'er frankrmineo

What's a Buccaneer to do? A first round playoff lost last year to the Giants. A pretty strong season in arguably the worst division. Where's the need this year? Last year there were a lot of injuries at RB and the Bucs ended up with Earnest Graham carrying the load. Joey Galloway had a great year but he is 37. Behind him you have two big guys - Maurice Stovall and Michael Clayton. Stovall has done nothing yet and Clayton hasn't had a good year since his breakout Rookie season. Ike Hilliard is also on the squad but is utilized as a punt returner. A lot of folks would point to one of the best receivers still left on the board: DeSean Jackson - Receiver/Returner extroidanaire.

Tempting, but the Bucs take a pass on the undersized Jackson

That pick makes sense - until you talk to Jon Gruden who had the following to say about Jackson. "[Which one do you like?] I mean the guy at Cal is 169 pounds. Is he going to be big enough? He's certainly fast as hell. He'd be a hell of a returner. The guy at Indiana [James Hardy] is big. Every film you pick up there's another touchdown. Is he fast enough? We've got Stovall, what the hell have we've got him for? You don't want to stock guys. So that's a tough call, it always is, though... Theres a number of good receivers"

Hmm.. makes you wonder.  There's also QB questions - Jeff Garcia is not getting any younger.  It looks like a stud like Matt Ryan or Brian Brohm on the board. When you compare there numbers for my money I'd take Brohm. Awesome Senior year on a bad team.  Ryan had an average Senior year on a good team.  

Yards: Brohm - 4024 (335.3/game)
Ryan - 4507 (321.9/game)

Touchdowns/Interception Ratio:
Brohm - 30/12
Ryan - 31/19

Completion %:
Brohm - 65.1
Ryan - 59.3

QB Rating:
Brohm - 152.4 (8th in nation)
Ryan - 127.0 (61st in nation)

Yards per Attempt:
Brohm - 8.5 (7th)
Ryan - 6.9 (56th)

Now Brohm sounds like a great pick. But for my money I remember how much Gruden loved last year's Calvin Johnson.  A big, tall, receiver who could make grabs all over the field.  So - with the 20th pick in the draft - The Tamba Bay Buccaneers take Limas Sweed from the University of Texas.

Big-game experience + all the physical tools = intriguing NFL prospect

Sweed is a Johnson clone who can make the big catch (6'5 Frame) in the end zone and can also stretch the field. He gives the weak armed Garcia huge leaping target in the end zone that hopefully get the Bucs over the hump.

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