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Nate Washington Signs Tender

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The Steelers announced today that Nate Washington signed his one year tender thus ensuring he'll be in Pittsburgh for the 2008 season. It also means that the Steelers were unable to secure a long term deal which will allow Nate to become an unrestriced free agent next off season. Washington will make $1.417 million this season, not bad for an undrafted free agent only three seasons ago. Washington will be the undisputed #3 receiver on this team in 2008 and with an offense focusing on a more explosive passing attack, Washington could be poised for a breakout season.

It's still possible that Washington can be extended before camp or even during the season. I know I have an higher opinion of Nate than most and I hope he stays in Pittsburgh for years to come. He's a dynamic playmaker who can stretch the field but at the same time drives fans nuts by making the acrobatic catch and then dropping an easy pass.