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BTSC Mock Draft....Begins Now

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Ok guys, due to one of the early-ish drafters obligations this Friday-Tuesday, we're officially kicking this thing off as of right now. Continue to use the relevant comment threads to ask questions as we go, but I think most of them will get answered as we get started.

Remeber, email me your selections at Include whatever you would like but I'm going to only be able to do so much with making your fine selections look dapper. Pics, stats, etc all welcome but not necessary.

NO TRADES seems to be the general early consensus. Perhaps next year after one year of experience under our belt.

If there are any html gurus in the group that could quickly create a table for us to fill in the teams' selections with, I'd be your best friend and invite you to my birthday party. If not, I'll see what I can do.

With that, the Miami Dolphins and steelerark are on the clock. If you draft behind them (Wolfpack, I'm looking at you), be ready. Just as soon as I get the first pick, it will be posted.