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A Word About Change

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OK BTSCers, new and old. The long awaited migration to our new platform should happen sometime Wednesday morning. We will be given a walk-through tutorial by one of our network administrators and architects of the new platform. The good news is the team has been migrating all the MLB blogs the past month or so, as well as a number of the college sites as well. That means we're not the first guinea pigs in line. Many of the bugs that reared their ugly head have been dealt with. I can not guarantee we won't find any new ones ourself, but the team of programmers has done an incredible job ironing out the wrinkles since launching the first site.

Ok, now on to my brief word about change. People hate change, even open-minded folks like ourselves. We grow accustomed to things. We like being in control of our environements, knowing what to expect, etc. There are different comfort levels regarding technology in our community, and for those less technologically apt, the new platofrm may at first seem confusing and cluttered. It's not. It's tremendously improved and even more empowering for you, the readers.

I'll wait until Wednesday for us to go over and walk through some of the changes, but please, please have an open mind and stick with it initially as we acclimate ourselves together. By the time the 2008 NFL season kicks off, I can almost guarantee we hardly notice that a change has been made. I'm very excited and I think eventually you will be too.

Thanks for your patience!