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Oh Spikey, Can You Please Just Act Normal...Just Once?

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As I was scrolling through some of the ancient content archived here on BTSC, I stumbled across this picture, taken during the Steelers visit to the White House following their victory in SB 40:

Casey Hampton, a former Texas standout, clearly was getting along just fine with President Bush, once a Texas resident himself. Then there's Jeff Reed, looking like a goober. President Bush with a goofy expression? I think we've all grown to expect that this past 8 years. Then there's Reed. Bush seems eager to lean away from Reed, despite Reed trying to be front and center with a hand on his shoulder.

Ah, Jeff. I love you. Not as much as the ladies when you're buying drinks for the house sans attire. But I enjoy your contributions to the franchise. Just make sure you continue making kicks, because outside of your consistency on the field, you're one strange dude.

Peace out Jeff.