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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #27 by San Diego Chargers: Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

TheMostViolentTeam presents the San Diego Chargers pick at #27. Clearly we're not going to be going past Round 1 in the inaugural BTSC Mock Draft. That's fine, we'll get things started earlier next year. TMVT found a way to get his selection in despite being preoccupied with part one of multiple hurdles he's trying to cross in order to become a NAVY SEAL. Thanks for fitting us in! Next up? Terry, selecting for the Cowboys at #28.

The Chargers are a team that over the past few years has been a lot like the Steelers, from a front-office point of view. Shrewd moves, smart trades, and excellent drafting by GM AJ Smith have left the Chargers with the most talented roster in football. I mean that, more talent than the Pats, Colts, Steelers, Jags, Cowboys. This roster has it all. There are no glaring needs, however, there are areas that can be shored up. I rank their needs as following:

Defensive Back:

With Quentin Jammer and Antonio Cromartie they have two excellent corners. Both are #1 caliber CBs for most teams in the league. So why is this a need? Depth. The `Bolts lost Drayton Florence in free agency, and teams really require three solid cover men these days. Had one of the top 4 CBs fallen, the Chargers would definitely scoop one of them up, however, they are all off the board in our scenario. Brandon Flowers can probably be had in the 2nd round. Safety depth is also a concern, unfortunately Kenny Phillips is already off the board so the Chargers will go to their 2nd biggest need....

Offensive Line:

Shane Olivea lost his starting job at RT late in the season, and definitely needs to be pushed for starting job. Gosder Cherilus is available in this scenario and the Chargers will take him. While Cherilus struggled a tic at left tackle in his final season at BC, he was an absolute beast at RT, in both the run and pass game. I for one am a big believer that the RT position is WAY underrated. Yes, the LT has to protect the QB's blindside, but the RT has to protect his equally important frontside, and if he gets beat, sure the QB can see the defensive end coming, but most QBs (outside of Ben and Romo) are going to have an extremely hard time eluding the 6'6 280 lb monster flying straight at their face. Cherilus has the ability, and work ethic to start right away for the Chargers on the right side, and restore San Diego to having one of the best lines in football. Paired with the underrated guard Mike Goff, San Diego's right line will now rival the left side pairing of Dielman and McNeil. More options for LT to run behind, and better pass protection for Rivers could be a big boost to an already solid offense.

Actual 2008 NFL Draft commentary for SD:

Directions the Chargers will certainly look in the (real) draft, are to trade down and get some more picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, as many of the players they are targeting can most likely be found there. If Jonathan Stewart were to fall to them in the first however, I could easily see them grabbing him to back up LT, and possibly be the future starter, as LT has 3-4 good years left max. Like Pittsburgh they need a future Nose Tackle, but as we've discussed on BTSC, there are no first round NT's, and the Chargers will look in the later rounds for a Frank Okam or Red Bryant type player they can develop behind Jamal Williams.

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