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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick # 31 by the New York Giants: Dan Connor , LB, Penn State

The first (and final) round of the BTSC Mock Draft comes to a close with the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants' selection at #31. Many thanks to RickVa for squeezing in a few minutes to make the pick in between a hectic week of work and travel. Guys, I really appreciate all the hard work and help you've put into this. We'll improve upon it next year, but I was so pleased with how it went this year, and very happy that I got numerous emails saying people were having a blast with it. Mission accomplished. I'll have a recap of our mock later in a bit, along with some info on my plans for covering the Draft this weekend. Thanks for your patience as I learn all the new bells and whistles here.

As World Champions, the Giants feel justifiably smug about the state of the team. Only one area of the team is identifiable as a relatively high area of need: defensive back. The general consensus in Giant Country was that safety Kenny Phillips of the U (Miami) would be their first round choice. In our BTSC draft, the Seahawks short-circuited that plan.  They have a number of other DB possibilities lined up, but most figure to be available in the second round. I'm thinking the Giants will go in another direction. Their second greatest area of need is at linebacker. They have had some FA defections over the off season, and are thin in an area that you really can not win without. Two names have been bandied about: one, Jerod Mayo is off the board. The second is available and will be, I believe, the Giants' first round choice.
Linebacker Dan Connor, Penn State