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BTSC Update

Hey there friends. Thanks for all your patience the past several days as we've dealt with some serious and unexpected hardware bugs on our new servers. The issues were far too technical and complicated for me to understand, so I won't even attempt to pass them along. But, I am (cautiously) optimistic that the worst is behind us. I will mention that it may be wise to download the latest version of Firefox for an optimal BTSC experience. I assure you that the slow load times we experienced the past few days (when we were actually up and running) will not be a regular thing, but firefox will help you load the (one) new advertisement banner (not my ad btw) on the page more quickly, as well as help your system deal with the new and improved commenting system, etc. For those who do not know about Firefox, it is simply a different internet browser. It is entirely safe for you to download on either your home or work computer, though you may ask permission to do so at work depending on your internet and computing policies at work.

I plan on live blogging a big portion of this weekend's events, kicking off tomorrow early afternoon. If you are at home and are watcing the draft, fire up the computer and join me for some commentary on how things unfold. I personally love the new rule that limits the amount of time each team has to draft. 15 minutes is entirely too long, and it should make for a more entertaining experience for us fans, and here on the site as I try my best to keep up with the faster pace. If you are not able to get to a television or are stuck at work, most certainly join me to see who the Steelers select, as well as how the rest of Rounds 1 and 2 transpires.


maryrose was kind enough to send me the SportsInc's Top 150 prospects list, and I have uploaded them as images for you as a draftday resource if you'd like. Print them out and compare their ranking with where they are selected. I'm not sure exactly what all the 'Flags' stand for but I believe the C is 'character', D is 'duarbility', S is 'size', etc.


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