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2008 NFL Draft Live Blog - Picks 1-16

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We're just about 20 minutes away from the commencement of the 2008 NFL Draft. I'm all geared and ready to go and I think this is how I'm going to cover the event:

We'll break the first round into two threads, with selections 1-16 here, and picks 17-31 on a fresh one. Updates below the picks with a few random thoughts about the selections, the television coverage, etc. We'll see how we're feeling later before deciding about Round 2.

1. Miami Dolphins - Jake Long, OT, Michigan

2. St. Louis Rams - Chris Long, DE, Virginia

3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansasa 

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

6. New York Jets - Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

7. New Orleans Saints (via trade with NE) - Cedric Ellis, DT, Southern Cal

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (via trade with BAL) - Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Keith Rivers, LB, Southern Cal

10. New England Patriots (via trade with NO) - Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee

11. Buffalo Bills - Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy

12. Denver Broncos - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State

13. Carolina Panthers - Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

14. Chicago Bears - Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt

15. Kansas City Chiefs (via trade with DET) -Branden Albert, OT, Virginia

16. Arizona Cardinals - Dominique Rogers-Cromartie

**UPDATE** Just saw Matt Ryan interviewed by Suzy Kolber. Voice cracking, nervous as can be. I sure hope for his sake he doesn't end up in Baltimore. Those veterans would chew him up and spit him out before he was polished enough to impress.

**UPDATE** No surprise of course with the Jake Long selection. Here's where the fun really begins. Chris Long just chastises her mom for not putting her phone on vibrate. I called my father's cell phone yesterday while a student of his was presenting a dissertation. He barely knows how to turn it on, so needless to say, it was not on vibrate. 

**UPDATE** Do the Falcons go with Ryan here, who surely is a solid 'character' guy? Sure looks like they're going with Ryan. After he hangs up the cell phone, hugs and kisses abound in his small support group. And there it is. Ryan to Atlanta.

**UPDATE** Dorsey and McFadden still on the board. Al Davis should be happy with either. Or might he take Vernon Gholston, as some have suggested here on 'Curtain this past month?

**UPDATE** Do we see our first trade here with Kansas City? Could be, they've got a boatload of selections on Day 1. No trade after all. Chiefs go with Dorsey. BTW, what the hell is that thing he's wearing on his wrist? A watch? Bracelet? Is that real?

**UPDATE** Nice pick for the Jets. Not only is Gholston a freak physically, but New England would have taken him at #7.

**UPDATE** Kiper doesn't like the Harvey pick for Jacksonville, but I think Keyshawn had the key insight - it's a copycat league. Everyone wants the Giants' 'D-Line.

**UPDATE** There goes Mayo in the Top 10. Pains me to see a great guy like him go to New England, but it doesn't surprise me that New England was intrigued by this guy. He didn't go quite as high as I had him pegged, but pretty darn close. Time for Bills to nab the first WR?

**UPDATE** Pick by the Broncos makes plenty of sense. I will note that perhaps some of these early defensive players coming off the board means that one of the more highly coveted O-Linemen will be available.

**UPDATE** There goes Jonathan Stewart, and with it, the possibility that the Steelers select him, as has been suggested by some. Still lots of O-Linemen on the board. Ooohh, can't wait to see what Detroit does here.

**UPDATE**  Chris Williams gone to Chicago. Cherilus, Albert, Otah all still available.

 **UPDATE** Well, the Lions decided there wasn't a WR tempting enough and gave up their pick at #15. Nice early haul for Kansas City - Albert and Dorsey.