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How Did Steelers AFC North Rivals Fare This Weekend: Baltimore Ravens

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Here are the Ravens 2008 NFL Draft selections with overall pick number in parenthesis.

 (18) Joe Flacco – The Ravens fill the biggest need quickly after trading back. Flacco has the size and arm to be a NFL QB, but he'll have a steep learning curve coming from Delaware.

(55) Ray Rice – The Ravens reached a bit on for an undersized backup RB who's had a tremendous workload. A projected third round pick, Rice has averaged over 350 carries the past two seasons and is know as a physical runner despite being just 5'8 199 lbs.

(71) Tavares Gooden – They got another athletic linebacker from Miami who can play sideline to sideline and is versatile enough to play all of the LB spots. Gooden is an injury concern but when he's healthy he's a tackling machine.

(86) Tom Zbikowski – Zbikowski is known as a good amateur boxer and a fearless punt returner. It'll take time to see if he's got the physical tools to be a true safety though.

(99) Oniel Cousins – A converted defensive tackle, Cousins is as raw as it gets. He'll likely have to move to guard but he's a physical, tough competitor.


The rest of the guys are pretty much no-namers:

(106) Marcus Smith WR New Mexico

(133) David Hale OT Weber State

(206) Haruki Nakamura S Cincinnati

(215) Justin Harper WR Virginia Tech

(240) Allen Patrick RB Oklahoma


Overall: The Ravens fill their biggest need in the first round even though Flacco probably won't play early on. They got some youth on defense which was sorely needed. I would imagine most Ravens fans would have rather seen a top tier WR in the second round or a CB instead of Ray Rice. In the end the Ravens got a handful of extra picks but most are projects or guys with limited upside.