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Steelers Sign Twelve Undrafted Rookie Free-Agents

Here's the list so far. I'll update if necessary.


LB Patrick Bailey, Duke

C Doug Legursky, Marshall

QB Mike Potts, William & Mary

DT Martavius Prince, Southern Miss

DT Jordan Reffett, Washington

TE Dezmond Sherrod, Mississippi State

LB Donovan Woods, Oklahoma State

K Julian Rauch, Appalachian State

CB Travis Williams, East Carolina

WR Micah Rucker, Eastern Illinois

WR Dorien Bryant, Purdue

CB Roy Lewis, Washington


Woods is an intriguing selection. At 6'2" and ~225 lbs, he didn't play LB in college. He was a QB and a safety while at Oklahoma State. His brother Rashuan Woods, was a 1st round selection by SF in 2003. I'm not sure if the Steelers have plans to convert him to safety or pass -rush as a LB, or employ him in nickle or dime situations.

So much for finding DL help here. We'll see what, if anything, these CBs are able to provide. That sure is a lot of WRs coming in to battle for one, maybe two, spots. Are any of those guys KR threats?