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Chris Kemoeatu In Position To Start in '08

At least so says offensive line coach Larry Zierlein. Coach Z said it was essentially Chris' job to lose:

"Chris is going to get the shot,” he said. “I’ll tell you what, I have a lot of confidence in that guy. (Chris) was ready to play last year, (but) Kendall kind of won the thing. But it was close,” Zierlein said. “When we came out of training camp and the pre-season games, the grades were close. But this kid is ready to play. I like him, I really do like him. I think he’s going to be a good player.” 

Couple of thoughts about this. First, that's great if Chris K has developed to a point where he's earned the starting nod and is ready to excel. We'll be all the better for it. However, it also means we probably won't be seeing Willie Colon at the other guard spot. Why? Because high priced players like Kendall Simmons probably aren't going to be paid huge chunks of cash to sit on the sideline, especially if he's playing anything that resembles good, hard-nosed football in the trenches.

This scenario would probably leave Colon as the odd man out, with Marvel on the left side, joined by Chris K, Hartwig at center, Simmons at right guard, and Max Starks at right tackle. Mahan and Colon would be asked to be reserves. Not the worst case scenario, that's for sure, as MANY of our frustrations last year revolved around those two guys. But, I still have high hopes for Colon if it's at a guard position.

This is just April banter for now. But it sure will be interesting to see how this internal competition shakes out as we move into the summer and towards the preseason.