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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #6 by New York Jets: Glen Dorsey, DT LSU

We continue with the BTSC Mock Draft with the New York Jets selectin at #6. SteelerMike weighs in on the Jets' needs following a disappointing followup in '07 to their surprise run to the playoffs the year before. As big players in the free agency game this year, the right choice this April could get the Jets back into contention in the AFC sooner rather than later. Thanks to SteelerMike for the well-articulated selection. Guys, please email me your picks at as opposed to putting them in a diary. No big deal but it will make my job just a smidge easier as we try to crank out at least two rounds in the next twenty days. Next up? The New England Patriots and our resident Browns supporter bereadawg

Clearly Mangini and Co. took a big step backwards in 2007 finishing 4-12. In 2006, Mangini's first year as head coach, the Jets finish a strong 10-6 and made the playoffs.

Judging by all their free agent signings, the Jets realize they must do something and do something now to close the gap between themselves and the rest of the AFC elite, especially their divison rival Pats. Signings include: OG-Fanacea, OL-Woody, DE-Pace, RB-Chatman, TE-Franks, FB-Richardson, CB-Woolfolk, and Kris Jenkins acquired via trade with Panthers for a third and a fifth round draft pick....$54 Million in guarantees!

According to various sources their needs are DE,RB CB, WR, FS, ILB and most importantly speed, especially from the offensive skill positions.

I had narrowed my pre-mock list to two players: Gholston and McFadden.  I thought for sure one of them would be available...guess again...gotta be flexible....right?  With my top two choices gone, the next highest player on my "board" was Dorsey.

My plan is for them to move newly acquired Jenkins to NT, trade disgruntked D. Robertson, and have Dorsey be a starting DE in the 3-4 alignment.  Dorsey, is a huge disrupter, powerful tackler, creates havoc along the OL, outstanding initial quickness, change of direction is exceptional for a big man.  He is a great run stuffer AND consistently generates pressure on the QB despite double teams.

The Jets finished 29th in rushing yards/game allowed and Dorsey will help big-time.  Additionally, as the Giant's demonstrated so beautifuly, you MUST pressure Brady to beat the Pats...Dorsey will command attention along the OL and free up the LB's, like Calvin Pace, to apply consitent pressure on the QB.

Saying Dorsey isn't durable is only speculation. His physical greatness, on
the other hand, is undeniable. Dorsey has the size, speed, and quick first
step after the snap to be a force in the NFL.

I realize there are durability concerns but he is worth the risk (remember, at one point he was considered maybe the best prospect in the entire draft).  Also, there will be the question if he is better suited for a 4-3 or 3-4.  It is a valid point but in my opinion, he will be a force in any system and will provide much needed big-time prescence in the trenches for the Jets defense...too good to pass up.

The only other player I seriously considered was Leodis McKelvin-CB Troy.  But the Jets just took former Pitt CB Darrele Revis (aka Baby Lockdown) as their #1 pick in 2007 and honestly I have trouble picking a player from Troy with the number 6 pick (BTW Jets finished 9th in the league in passing yards allowed/game at 197, so I feel corner play has been adequate). I would have loved to take a top-flight speed WR (because they need one) but none are worthy of a pick this high.

The irony here is, despite all their new players, the 2008 season probably rests on the play of their QB (as is true with most teams).  Clemens, the heir apparent to Pennington, did not play all that well and did not show the potential the coaches hoped.  However, at no point did I consider Matt Ryan. I think Clemens deserves a full season (especially now with a revamped OL line; one that could develop into a top OL) to show he can get the job done.


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Is Glen Dorsey More Likely To Follow A Career Path Like Casey Hampton's or former Jets DT Dwayne Robertson?

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