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NFL Draft Notes

A few random thoughts on the draft from around the leauge.

  • Enough about Kansas City and their incredible draft. Their draft is still very much contingent on Glenn Dorsey staying healthy and motivated, and Jamal Charles bulking up without losing any of his incredible speed.
  • I liked the Giants selection of Kenny Phillips at #31. I also really liked the Patriots selection of Jerod Mayo at #10. Those are two football players that are going to have an impact in year 1. Sadly for the Patriots, it wouldn't surprise me if Mayo helped take them over the top in '08-'09.


  • The Washington Redskins sure added a bevy of pass-catching threats: Malcolm Kelly, Devon Thomas, and Fred Davis (TE). Not sure why they needed Davis, since they have one of the better TEs in the league in Chris Cooley and a suitable backup in Todd Yoder. Nevertheless, Antwaan Randle-El will soon be (rightfully) phased out of the 'Skins passing attack for the most part.


  • It's hard to question the St. Louis Rams' ability to identify good WR talent, but did anybody see James Hardy as one of the first WRs off the board? He's not even 6' tall.


  • I hated the Titans selection of Chris Johnson at #24. I also hated the Chicago Bears' selection of Matt Forte at #44. Cedric Benson isn't the problem. It's the lack of ANY sort of credible passing game that allows defenses to flood the box.


  • I like Arizona's selections. Dominique Roger-Cromartie in Round 1 and Calais Campbell in Round 2. Then, a WR who I think will shock some people, Early Doucet, in Round 3. Ken Whisenhunt's got that franchise heading in the right direction.


  • A Steelers note: for those of you who are unsure about the Bruce Davis selection, yet trust Jim Wexell's judgment - check out what Wexell had to say about Davis in a recent column. I kinda had similar thoughts while watching him. This kid's a competitor and exactly the type of guy that I can see Tomlin being intrigued by.


  • How is it that Notre Dame sends four guys to the pros and their head coach gets a total pass for having an 'inexperienced' roster? Blasphemy that Ty Willingham was booted when he was and Charlie Weis is given a mulligan.


  • The rich keep getting richer. USC sends 9 athletes to the NFL this year.


  • The Jaguars are funny. They mortage basically all of the middle part of their draft to reach for 2 pass rushers. Don't get me wrong, Harvey and Groves could be good, but do they really think that sacking Peyton Manning and Tom Brady is the only thing that team needs? I wouldn't be surprised if both of those guys had an impact this year in Jacksonville, but I can't help but think that either one or both of them is going to have issues staying on the field over the course of their careers.