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Wishing Our Own cgolden Good Luck!

Unless you've stumbled across the site in the last 24-96 hours, you probably know who cgolden is. cgolden showed up on 'Curtain one day, started commenting, then continued to comment, then commented some more. For months and months. 

When I vacationed in Paris last summer, I asked him and a few others to post some content on the main page in my absence. He, and others, obliged. When I returned home, I did not rescind his main page posting abilities, but instead gave him the green light to post on occasion. Since then, I've worked on many a posts with him, chatted with him endlessly, and gotten to know him quite well. His help has been a blessing.  When you invest as much free time as I do in this, it's hard to surrender any control to anybody. You work to establish a 'voice' and you become weary of others altering said voice and tone, for better or worse. With cgolden, my worries were limited.

When the opportunity arose for me to reccommend somebody for the Arizona Cardinals blog here on the network, I quickly thought of Charles (sorry man, tired of typing cgolden) . He's no Cardinals fan like he is a Steelers fan, but there was an interest in the team and an interest from him in assuming leadership of the site (it had been dormant for several months).

Much of the community and congenial atmosphere on this place is due to him chiming in, responding to others' thoughts, welcoming new readers, etc. I have no doubt that he'll bring the same level of energy and insight to his new digs. I expect Charles to continue to be around quite a bit, but his main focus will now be on Revenge of the Birds.

Please join me in wishing Charles good luck on his endeavor as well as thanking him for his countless contributions towards making BTSC the best Steelers fan site on the internet (do it).

Good luck and don't be a stranger! Bitch ass traitor :)