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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #10 by New Orleans Saints: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas

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The Saints post their pick at #10, meaning the Denver Broncos and belvalle55 are now on the clock.

This is a tough situation for New Orleans. They have needs at OLB, and along the defensive line, but with Rivers, Ellis, and Mayo all gone, and Dorsey and Gholston off the board as well, they must decide if they want to secure more help in the secondary, take another offensive linemen, or perhaps even upgrade at WR or at RB. The offensive line in New Orleans is pretty solid though, with young studs Jahri Evans and Jammal Brown anchoring the line, and veterans John Stinchcomb and Jamar Nesbit all helping keep Drew Brees upright. As for defensive back, they recently resigned Jason David, brought in Randall Gay, and used a high draft choice last year on Usama Young. At RB, Reggie Bush has been less than advertised, and though Deuce McAllister is a bruising back when healthy, well, he's rarely healthy.

It's a tough dillema for New Orleans. Their offense in 2007 wasn't quite as prolific as it was in 2006 mainly because they failed to run the ball nearly as succesfully behind Reggie Bush. Let's face it, this team will only go as far as it's offense takes them. However, the defense is just too abysmal. The signing of Jonathan Vilma was huge, but the secondary play will still be awful in 2008 unless they got some more help. I'm going with Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas.

Talib takes one to the house in the Jayhawks' BCS game vs. VA. Tech

I've seen him play plenty and he has a tremendous nose for the ball. New Orleans will need more turnovers than they forced a year ago. Their 13 INTs were near the bottom of the league, and I think Talib will help in that department. His size will allow him to play some safety perhaps in years to come, and he's intelligent enough and experienced enough to play both man and zone coverage. The Saints may have tried to address their needs in the secondary this offseason and in last year's draft, but the reality is their pass defense finished 2007 third to last in yards per game allowed and dead last in passing TDs surrendered. For these reasons, the New Orleans Saints select Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas.

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