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BTSC Mock Draft - Pick #14 by Chicago Bears: Brandon Albert, G, Virginia

Chicago Steeler presents the Chicago Bears' pick at #14, doing so late last week before he hit the road on business. As you'll see, he had a few players in mind and ranked them according to what he felt the Bears' needs were, as well as their individual abilities. Many thanks to him, and I look forward to his return in the next couple of days for his usual daily commentary as well as his other selections. Next up: Detroit Lions and Rommain El 82.

After the Chicago Bears made the Super Bowl in '06 hopes were obviously high for the 07 season. But I at least had extremely tempered any real hopes that i had after it became apparent that Lovie Smith was sticking with Grossman, who I feel is easy for defenses to figure out (blitz him and he'll either chuck it long off his back foot without looking, or run backward 3 yards and take a sack). After a hard season where injuries really took a toll on the defense and the offense regressed significantly, the Bears have a lot of needs, but especially on offense. The defense looks pretty good with the resigning of Briggs, and can return to form fairly quickly if they can catch a few breaks in the health department. If so, we can still be a top ten defense.

Obviously QB remains a priority as Grossman has shown that he is not the future of the franchise even if we did bring him back for a year. The offensive line has gotten pretty old without any young talent ready to step in which has led to a step back in the running game.  Cedrick Benson has proven to be a bust leaving us with a hole in the RB position. Finally the WR group has been decimated this year with the cutting of Muhsin and the loss of Berrian.

That said, if I were Jerry Angelo (the GM) I'm trying to stay safe. Grossman and Benson, the last two offensive #1 picks were busts. Recent developments in running backs goes to prove that late round draft picks can be just as productive, and unless there's a can't miss prospect you can wait on RB, so I'm going against the grain and leaving Rashard Mendanhall on the board (assuming he's still there). And I think QB will be addressed in the second round as I don't see any "can't miss" quarterbacks in the draft. I think the O Line in the draft is deep and talented and the most sure thing to pick from so my rankings (depending on who's left on the board) are:

  1. OT Ryan Clady
  2. G Branden Albert
  3. OT Chris Williams
  4. WR Devin Thomas
BTSC Mock Draft Team Selections

#1 - Miami Dolphins, Darren Mcfadden
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#5 - Kansas City Chiefs, Jake Long
#6 - New York Jets, Glen Dorsey
#7 - New England Patriots, Dominique Rodger-Cromartie
#8 - Baltimore Ravens, Jerod Mayo
#9 - Cincinnati Bengals, Keith Rivers
#10 - New Orleans Saints, Aqib Talib
#11 - Buffalo Bills, Malcom Kelly
#12 - Denver Broncos, Ryan Clady
#13 - Carolina Panthers, Chris Williams