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datruth Weighs in on Steelers Undrafted Free Agent Rookies

It's a treat when datruth4life finds time to stop by 'Curtain and share his thoughts on the roster. I suspect we'll see more of him as training camp approaches and the internal competition for roster spots heats up. The following is a comment he made in a previous thread.  - Blitz-



Hey, Steelers Nation, What’s Happening!

A couple of comments about the Steelers rookie free agents:

- DaTruth don’t know much about any of them. However, here are a couple of things that I do like.

- Here are the numbers for 6’5, 217 lb. WR Micah Rucker’s Pro Day. Two 40s at 4.57 and 4.47 (the latter is great for someone that size), a 39-inch vertical jump, an 11-foot, 3-inch long jump, 4.57 short shuttle, 6.90 cone drill and 20 reps in the bench press. Can you say ATHLETE?

If those numbers still don’t get your attention, he torched the Cardinal’s 1st round pick – CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – for two touchdown when they played. He seems to be a guy with good character and is coming to the Steelers as a free agent with a BIG chip on his shoulders. He said in an article that I read that his numbers compare to any wide receiver in this draft and all he wants is an opportunity.

Well opportunity, granted.

- I say here that the Steelers could keep 3 rookie WR’s - Sweed, Rucker and Dorien Bryant (could be the team’s return man). That would give them 5 WRs and 1 return specialist, as was the roster setup from this past year. If Rucker shows anything, the Steelers won’t be able to stash him on the practice squad. Big WR’s are the rage in the NFL right now, and he’ll be scooped up. With Nate Washington probably leaving next year and Ward doing the same in about 2 years, while not keep him around if he shows something?

- Also, here are the Pro Day numbers on DE Kyle Clement from Northwood University. He was measured at 6’4’’, 316 lbs, ran a 5.21 40-yard-dash, bench 225 pounds 37 times… yes, 37 times, and had a vertical of 29.5 inches. His arm length was 32.2 inches (kind of short for a DE,), hand size was 10 inches, short shuttle was 4.54, 3-cone was 7.54 and broad jump was 8 feet, 11 inches. Again, these numbers show that he has some athleticism. Whether he’s a player or not, DaTruth doesn’t have a clue. At least DL coach John Mitchell has something to work with.

If this guy shows anything, he could also stick along with Rucker. Nick Eason is a little bit less than useless, and if any of the 3 DE free agents show anything, they could grab a spot. Ryan “Steely” McBean is nothing the team can count on because he’s been on crutches lately because of astress fracture and did zilch last year.

One help to the DL could come right around training camp, when I believe Booger McFarland will be cleared by the Steelers doctors and become that rusher on 3rd down that the Steelers DL could use inside.

- The return spot will come down between Jeremy Bloom, Willie Reid, and Dorien Bryant. Reid has 2 strikes against him because (1) he can’t catch punts and (2) he will be the highest paid of the 3 this year, being a 3rd round pick while the others are free agents. This will be interesting to follow as whomever makes it will also have to have the ability to play the slot, too. I think Reid can be a good slot receiver, but Bryant has led the Big Ten in receiving the past 2 years as well as doing what he does on returns. If I’m Willie, I might be renting in the Burg rather than buying.

- Blitzburg, like Jay-Z, “What you want me to say, I’m sorry. I’m back! So, show me what you got!” Steelers Nation.