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What Benchmarks Will Hines Ward Pass In 2008?

A quick fun post to put a smile on your face this Monday afternoon. Who doesn't smile when thinking about Hines Ward's career?


Hines Ward - 731
Career Rank - 28

In Sight - Muhsin Muhammed 742; Andre Rison 743; Michael Irvin 750; Charlie Joiner 750; Eric Moulds 764; James Lofton 764; Marhsall Faulk 767

Prediction - Hines finishes 2008 ranked #21 in career catches. Randy Moss and Torry Holt stand in his way at #20 and #19, so I wouldn't expect him to move any higher than that.

Receiving Yards

Hines Ward - 8,737
Career Rank - 52

In Sight - Joe Horn 8,744; Mark Carrier 8,763; Terance Mathis 8,809; Terry Glenn 8,823; Mark Duper 8,869; Ricky Proehl 8,878; Amani Toomer 8,917; Roy Green 8,965; Wes Chandler 8,966; Mark Clayton and Fred Biletnikoff 8,974; Harold Carmichael 8,985; Derrick Mason 9,024; Tony Mason 9,065; Charley Taylor 9,110; Anthony Miller 9,148; Herman Moore 9,174; Raymond Berry 9,275; Rob Moore 9,368; Drew Hill 9,831

Prediction - I'd guess Hines surpasses Terry Glenn, and perhaps even Amani Toomer, but probably not Derrick Mason. And unless he has an astounding 1,100+ yard year, he probably wont catch Mr. Drew Hill this year either. Nevertheless, Hines has a big opportunity to move into the 32-36 range in career yards with even just a so-so year for him.

TD Receptions

Hines Ward - 65
Career Rank - t-39th

In Sight - Tony Gonzalez 66; Roy Green 66; Jimmy Orr 66; Jimmy Smith 67; Cliff Branch 67; Raymond Berry 68; Art Monk 68; Rod Smith 68; Gary Collins 70; Wesley Walker 71; Torry Holt 71; Bob Hayes 71; Stanley Morgan 72; Nat Moore 74; James Lofton 75

Prediction - Hines won't surpass Tony Gonzalez this year, or at least it's not likely, and he likely won't catch Torry Holt. But still, if he snags 6 or 7 TD passes this year, he'll move into the top 30 for his career.

Guys, we're entering the final stages of the career of a very special player. Individual accolades mean little to Hines I'd imagine, but he can really help his Hall of Fame resume with a solid final 2-4 years. I personally think he'll make it regardless of how he finishes up, but padding his already incredible career numbers certainly wouldn't hurt. Incredible stuff from Hines.